Yonex VXF No 3 Hybrid 20 degrees Loft R-Flex Shaft Left-Handed


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  • Yonex has designed the Yonex Golf VXF Hybrid with absolutely the largest sweet spot yet, which is why VXF stands for Extreme Forgiveness. The larger sweet spot provides extra forgiveness giving you the benefit of the doubt when you occasionally mishit, making this hybrid the perfect easy to hit long iron replacement. The confidence that kind of back up gives to high handicap golfers means that you can play to your maximum ability every time you take to the golf course. The shaft used in this Yonex Golf VXF Hybrid is a lightweight HS750 graphite shaft and gripped by an Original rubber grip. This lightweight graphite shaft is ideal for golfers who want to hit the ball higher and further.


  • Top of club head has a few minor scratches - see pictures.
  • Club face, shaft and grip all in extremely good condition.

This club does not come with a headcover.

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