eBay, Delivery and other important information

We have an eBay store.  Many of the sites visitors come to us from there - which is very cool.  eBay is a great trusted marketplace and we sell many many items that way.  If you wish to buy from us via eBay thats great.  However many people ask us for discounts, better deals or just want something a bit different to what we have on eBay.  Thats also very cool because this site will always be the best place for the best deals.

If as often happens you have been referred here by a member of our team it is because we are prepared to negotiate on the price of an item, perhaps its been in stock longer than we would like, and are prepared to offer you a special deal.  If we do that then we will send you a discount code on request.  You apply this code as you go to checkout.  Our site accepts PayPal or any type of credit card.  If you would like a code or would like to make an offer on a piece please use the form below.

All orders for clubs received by 1pm during the working week will be dispatched the same day via UK Mail.  Those bought after 1pm are sent the next working day.  

All other products will be sent within 3 working days.  Bags and trollies are not held in stock but ordered from our wholesaler for dispatch to you.

All items sent via UKMail will require a signature and you will receive tracking details as soon as the item has been dispatched. 

Please wait 2 days for your golf clubs and up to 8 days for bags and trollies before contacting us.

Remember this postage option is free.

Many times our courier gets the item to you next day.  But if you really need to be sure then book our express service.  This gets you the item next day for certain.  This costs an additional £2.50.  Its not a lot to pay for the peace of mind of knowing your club will be ready for your next game.