About Us........

ClubSeller is simply an online retailer of used golf equipment.  Born out of one mans experience of buying and selling golf clubs and his simple realisation that  golfers cannot justify spending £399 on a driver we operate from Dummer Golf Club in Basingstoke. We are not a bricks and mortar retailer and welcome visitors by arrangement.  Want to know more about us then read on.

Mark Lavender is just an average amateur golfer with a keen eye for used golf equipment.  He will be found negotiating with the major brands in order to keep the business fully stocked.  Eager to improve his own game he has tried literally every "new" invention on the golf market.  If it promises to add distance to your drives he has bought it - and then probably sold it again. 

So why should you trust us?

Whilst ClubSeller is a relatively new business (Jan 2014) we are not new to the golf industry.  We know what works and we run this company to a few simple principles:-

  • Unless otherwise stated the club you see in the picture is the one you will receive
  • You have a 14 day no quibble returns policy which means if you don't like your new club for whatever reason just send it back to us for a full refund
  • All the clubs we sell are in stock and ready to ship within one day
  • We absolutely guarantee that all equipment is genuine and we usually tell you where we got it from
  • The prices on our site are set using a data feed from eBay so we always know we are as competitive as can be

If you are in any doubt about how happy our clients are go take a look at our eBay seller rating.  That can be found here....

Our passion other than golf is to drive the acceptance of buying used in the golf industry.  Every day we meet golfers who insist upon buying the marketing dreams of a major brand.  Usually with nothing other than maybe five drives in a net (where the simulator always says - oh that went miles).  They have all paid way over the odds.

You see the thing is good golfers (well really good) don't do this.  They select equipment based upon performace and buy off each other.  We have Europro Tour Golfers as clients and they cannot justify the cost of brand new equipment.  They beg, steal, borrow and haggle (seriously these guys would do well down the souk) in order to get the best for their game.  Its ironic that these guys buy clubs with cosmetic damage all the time but the average 22 handicapper won't buy anything other than a brand new rocketballz. 

Then we see beginners.  They have limited budgets because they just don't know how long this bug will last.  So off they pop to american golf and walk out spending £250 on rubbish equipment that serioulsy hinders their development.  And all they have to do buy some decent irons from us that are made to last and will give them the help they will need.  Burner irons or Ping G15s have to be a better bet than a fazer starter set surely.

Then there is the guy that needs to make the next step.  His mates keep telling him buy a new driver or you won't be taken seriously.  Hahahaha what a joke.  Please don't take club recommendations from fashionistas.  They won't improve your game.  Take your budget and half it.  Buy from us and spend the rest on tuition.  Hear this loud and clear - a new driver will not go 50 yards further than your old one.  You may gain some distance from getting equipment that suits you but select it carefully and listen to your PGA pro.