TaylorMade Jetspeed 5 Wood - Mens Reg


TaylorMade Jetspeed 5 Wood

Type of Golfer: Mens Right Hand
Brand: TaylorMade Jetspeed
Type of Club: 5 Wood
Standard Loft: 19 Degree
Shaft: TaylorMade Matrix Velox
Shaft Material: Graphite
Flex: Regular 69 gram
Grip: TaylorMade Tour Velvet
Head Condition: 6/10
Shaft Condition: 7/10
Grip Condition:8/10


JetSpeed fairway woods and Rescue™ clubs each incorporate a radically redesigned Speed Pocket that’s smaller and accounts for less weight while remaining just as efficient at boosting the speed of the clubface. Think of it as an afterburner for your ball. Unlike the Speed Pockets in our previous fairways and Rescues, which were empty, JetSpeed’s is filled with polymer to keep debris out and absorb unwanted vibration without slowing down the clubface.

 The weight saved by the new Speed Pocket design is redistributed strategically within the clubhead to move the CG lower and forward, the location that TaylorMade has proven promotes fast ball speed and low spin. TaylorMade’s robot testing indicates that JetSpeed fairways and Rescue clubs reduce spin compared to RBZ Stage 2 to promote more distance. JetSpeed fairways reduce spin by 200-300 RPM compared to RBZ Stage 2 to promote more distance.*

 The redesigned Speed Pocket also allowed TaylorMade engineers to make the face shallower while still maintaining the same high speed as RBZ Stage 2 fairways and Rescues. The JetSpeed 3-wood’s face is shallower than the RBZ Stage 2 3-wood (by 2 millimeters), bringing the CG in lower in relation to the center of the face to make it easier to launch on a high angle. Plus, it gives JetSpeed fairways and Rescues an especially sleek and stealthy appearance, like an F-22 Raptor ready for takeoff.

This 5 wood has come to us from TaylorMade and has been used as a hire club.  As such it is scratched and a bit tatty.  Still works fine and is a bargain given these are £100 new.  

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