Why would I buy used equipment I can afford new? July 11 2016

I was playing with a couple of guys the other days and they seemed to think the idea of buying used golf equipment was crazy.  To them buying new was the only option and they saw it as a sign that they would be seen as mean if they even looked at used stuff.  They were desperate to avoid appearig as if they needed to save money.  They had both recently bought new drivers and they had litterally every possible golf accessory in their bags.  They told me at length that they had both been to see a custom fit expert to ensure that their clubs fitted their swings and game.  Now you would think that I scoffed at their idiocy and would find their views offensive given what we do.

Well no.  They make their own choices and without them the market falters and the supply of nearly new drivers collapses.  If each buy held onto their equipment for its full useful life then our game and my business would be in a right mess.  This business needs people to think £399 for a driver is a reasonable amount to pay.  We need players to believe that the G30 driver will be 100 times better than the G25 or that M1 is so different to R15.  

However we also need players to look at the facts about equipment.  To look at the real impact of technology on each version and take a calculated decision on what they play and how their resources get spent.  

One recent experience illustrates excatly what I mean.  At last months Jamega Tour event what do you think the most used driver was?  I hear M1, M2 and perhaps the odd Ping G30 Ltec.  No.  The most used driver in that event was a SLDR.  Yep 2 year old technology.  Why is that?  Well because it works and the newer clubs dont justify the extra spend.  Is M1 better than SLDR?  Yes - it definitely is but if you're scratching around trying to make it on tour the additional money it costs just doesn't make sense for the slight imporvement.

You have heard me say on many occasions that a £100 saved on the cost of the driver and then spent of tuition would save far more shots than the new turbulators ever will.  These two also confirmed that they had never had a lesson in their lives.  And boy it showed.  Get on the right track at the outset get linked into a PGA pro that can show you how to play.  You might not look as good in the car park but you will on the 18th green.