The saddest of days... September 26 2016

It is inevitable that the great golfers of previous generation will pass away.  Seve was way too young and the loss was so great but today we mourn the passing of the father of modern golf.  No one employed in this business can ignore the impact that The King had on today's game.  We all owe a huge debt to the man and his legacy will live on and on.  Our duty is to honour his memory and to strive to live up to the standards he set.

Two parts of his impact must be remembered.  One he fought like a lion and played as hard as anyone but he never allowed his desire to win get in the way of his sportsmanship.  Not once.  He and his biggest rival became the very best of friends.  That is the mark of both men.  

The second is the amount of support he gave to the game and those in it.  So many handwritten notes sent to players.  Some congratulating them on a win and others consoling them on a loss.  And these missives were not just to the world top ten - no amateur golf, junior golf and lady golfers all received his support.  In this area no one will ever fill his shoes.  

So it is fitting that the tour finale came to a climax that surely he would have approved of.  Arnie at his best was so very similar to McIlroy its remarkable.  Maybe its just me but that final nine from the young Irishman is a tribute of its own to the man that never backed off.....

It falls now to the two teams at the Ryder Cup to honour the man that made them what they are.