The Rory interview - revealing? January 12 2017

So this week has seen the publication of this interview.

If you are even slightly interested in what it takes to be a great golfer in the modern era you must read this.  It is simply the best interview with a leading sportsman published for a long long time.  Kimmage deserves all the plaudits as does Rory.  

So many sports people talk in cliches.  Trotting out exactly what we want to hear. Giving us nothing new and certainly protecting almost everyone in their sport.  This interview gives us insight and like all the best pieces of journalism makes you look upon the subject from a different perspective.  It is so good you will almost certainly read it twice.

One thing that comes over loud and clear is that it is a ridiculous simplification to write 'Rory resents the olympics'.  I think it is impossible to judge how a Northern Ireland born Catholic views representing team GB or Ireland unless you have the same background.  I can imagine it's quite a complicated set of emotions.

For me Rory comes across as honest, open and intelligent enough to know he doesn't have all the answers.  You get to see a young man making his way in life.  An amazingly attractive life for sure but not one that is free of challenges.