That's a a great question...... April 05 2017

The other day a 12 year old boy asked me a question that just blew my mind.  The question was how should I practice?

I will leave that there for you to mull on.  I am sure you are answering it in a million ways. Few of the more cocksure of you will be think what a silly and obvious question.....

But thats not what rocked me - what took my breath away - was the realisation how few times I have been asked that.  

This blog entry will not answer the question because there are so many different ways to answer but lets be clear if you don't have a simple view and a plan you are just hitting balls and wasting range time.  You won't improve at all.....

My advice is when you next encounter your pro ask him.  Ask him this:-

'when you made your game strong enough to turn pro how did you practice?'