Leisure time should be fun March 15 2017

Look I love golf.  I love the game in all the ways possible.  It is impossible to express just how much I long to play every single day.  I know I am not alone.

But do you know what?  Its not just about playing in solid silence and with the utmost concentration. Some of my best times on the course are with friends and a couple of cans.  Just kicking back and having great fun.  

This article from the guys at mygolfspy totally sums it up.  

I don't like to recycle other peoples blogs but I loved this because it makes such a great point.  Too many people take golf far to seriously and force that view down other peoples throats.

The next time you are dragging the bag out of the car facing another tiresome medal event think "why am I doing this".  Take a break, grab a couple of cold ones and invite a few friends.  You may just have more fun.  Yes your score will be higher and yes you will need a lift home but you may just find the magic returns.