Rose v. Garcia April 16 2017

Many people have longer memories than me and many people in my home town of Basingstoke seem to remember Garcia 'the idiot years'.  They remind me of how he once spat in the hole and also when he threw his footwear at an abusive fan.  Go google it - these things really did happen.  

I think they just really found themselves wanting Rose to do it.  He of the longest run of missed cuts and the living embodiment of hard work.  Local lad done well - or rather local boy done unbelievably well.  I get it.  I too wanted Rose to win and the last few holes I was really pulling for him.  But it wasn't to be. One bad tee shot and Garcia closed him out.

But I love Garcia too as he wears his heart on his sleeve.  Gives honest interviews - I will never forget the 'I don't know if I will ever win a major - I don't know if I have what it takes' interview - it was just so raw.  I loved him for admitting he had doubts - because that was human.  

But I know one thing.  Rose and Garcia respected each other and their love for the game burned through.  They both gave this their very best and accepted totally the outcomes that came their way.  I have no doubt that Rose didn't want to lose but he immediately acknowledged the champion in front of him.  That's how all sport should be.  Seve and Arnie would surely have approved.