Rory part 2 January 17 2017

If you love golf you simply have to read the second part of this 3 hour interview.  Turns out Rory is an extremely competitive guy and wants to beat everyone on the golf course!  Surprised?  No me neither.

Read it here

If you ignore the odd expletive most of this is on the face of it common sense.  Rory didn't make it to the top of golf without being very very driven.  He thinks he is the best in the world and he thinks his game can win against anyone at anytime.  Can't see many people disagreeing with him.......

Well apart from Graeme Storm?  

Okay so thats a bit tongue in cheek as I for one see Rory as finishing 2017 as World no1.  But the weekend did illustrate how great golf is as a sport.  Imagine Andy Murray losing to a qualifier or the England rugby team getting beaten by Canada.  Mind other sports do have upsets Iceland v England or Wimbledon v Liverpool etc...

But back to Rory.  I suspect that level of confidence preceded winning Majors.  I suspect his belief in his ability and game is what allowed him to succeed.  Many a young golfer needs to read this interview and see that players at this level had an arrogance that allows them to go for it.  Yes they hide it well and are polite and respectful but they still have it.