respect for the fans and respect for the game.... June 30 2016

Let's be clear here I am not a rules official and I am not experienced in playing on the US PGA tour but surely as a fan of golf I deserve much more respect than I was shown by the USGA last night.

Seems to me that people forget that my money, your money and the money of millions of golf fans pays for this massive junket.  Golf is a great game but it is a game and it exists to entertain.  Trust me if no one watched the game then it would wither and die.  As it is the game continues to contract in the developed world.

Dustin Johnson deserves credit for playing on etc.  While I personally feel more sorry for Lowry, Garcia, Piercy etc.  How the hell are they supposed to know what they are playing toward?  Disgusted that such a major event is marred by complete incompetence.  If this happened in the monthly medal it would be funny but not on this stage.  

To recap - don't spoil the entertainment of 100+ million fans by suggesting that you may review the score after the round has finished.  Don't question the integrity of the competitors, their playing partners and make it even more likely that every player will now be scared senseless of rules officials.  Oh and while your on - don't send a ref with each group - empower him to give a ruling and then revise it later on.  

Imagine this in another sport.  France score and then after the game the ref of refs changes the score.  

It makes our game seem stupid to those that don't play.  Makes it seem like its basically a game played by fat middle aged lawyers that want to spend their days arguing over a ball that moved less than 1 cm.  As I was asked by a good friend who doesn't play how did the ball moving backwards 1 cm make Johnson better off in anyway?  Difficult one to explain that!!!

But earlier in the same round a tower 80 yards away that the player subsequently hit the ball over was deemed to be blocking his shot so he moved from long rough to a perfect lie which he even got to place....... 

The best players in the game see how stupid this whole affair has been.  The tv audience has their tournament ruined and then the USGA give and interview and say -

"we are happy with the process we followed"   


If you were comedy writer you couldn't make this up...