Post Ryder Cup blues..... October 19 2016

After the best three days golf I could ever imagine watching we are plunged back into the complete tedium of 4 round strokeplay dross.  I guess we need to have the lows to appreciate the highs but seriously.

When will the people that setup top level golf realise that we want more matchplay.  MUCH MORE MATCHPLAY.  We need matchplay events on normal length courses with accessible pin positions.  

Please don't get me wrong the UK Masters is not a bad event.  Sky tried really hard to get us closer to the action - interviews with palyers mid round should be here to stay but it just felt flat.  I feel sorry for Noren who played superb golf but I just couldn't get excited.

From now until the Masters I can't really see an event that gets me going.  Am I the only one?