Is he really that good? February 21 2017

Many people have asked me over the past few weeks if DJ is as good as we are being told by the TV crews.  They remember him failing to cross the line and the times he went out of bounds on important holes.   I remember him smashing one so far of line at Sandwich that I honestly thought it was going to decapitate a fan.

It seems we fans have longer memories than Riley and Harmon.  So is he the real deal?

I hate to break it to you but he really is.  At his best he is unplayable.  Look at what he did this weekend.  The reason why the TV guys know this is true is twofold:-

1.  They can see how in control he now is whilst still hitting it miles and miles.  In the flesh you can feel how on the edge of the limits someones swing really is.  I remember watching Paul Casey live and realising that he hit the ball incredibly hard - but that if he wanted to he could have hit it harder.  Yep much harder.  He was at 120mph club head speed and was within his limits.  Conversely I once followed JB Kruger round Wentworth and I swear he was literally hurting himself trying to keep up.  Great player and fearsome competitor but the athletes like DJ have a lot in their favour.

2.  Every play fails before the succeed and they know that.  It's a rite of passage and frankly our long memory fails to spot that most of the top players have gone through a similar route to the top.  Typically Woods is probably the only exception to that.  But then isn't that often true.  GOAT for a reason.  

What can mere mortals learn from this?  

Speed under control is dynamite and gets it done.  Practice the fast swings but dont play them.  The ball needs to stay on the course.  But so much more importantly......

Go out there and fail.  Fail a lot.  Bogey the last when a par would win that monthly medal.  Fail to get up and down, miss a 4 footer, who cares just keep competing and learning.  And when some one says they never choke - that player is deluded...  

As for the gambler in you back those that get to within 18 holes of a big win then blow it.  My outside pick for this year is Wiesberger, Reed and Fowler.  They have served their apprenticeship.