Iron shafts - does anyone care? July 26 2016

It never ceases to amaze me that people will debate driver shafts for hours and hours.  They spend hundreds on one club and sweat over 3 grams difference.  But then they just grab whatever shafts the manufacturer sticks in a set of irons.

Now don't get me wrong the major makers do not choose bad shafts - they actually fit premium shafts as standard these days - long gone are the days of own label uniflex shafts.  What they do always fit is a very middle weight shaft.  This is so they appeal to the vast majority of golfers.  Then they offer regular and stiff and off you go.

Just in case you missed it there has actually been a revolution in iron shafts. The trailblazers are KBS and Project X.  They have quietly set about altering shafts by making them lighter and lighter but somehow still retaining the stiffness.  The PXi shaft from Project X and the Tour 90 shafts from KBS are amazing things.  These shafts really add massive distance and height gains to the average golfer.  Its one of the reasons why the XR Irons from Callaway go so very far.  

At the other end of the scale the KBS Tour 110 in X flex is probably the first time real tour stiff tour trajectory shafts can be had by the average player.  These shafts are not for the weaker player as to some the feel like a scaffolding pole.  But if you are strong enough and discipled enough nothing produces such a consistent flight.

I am not advocating any one of these shafts above any others.  Its just like the driver shaft debate - its about what suits the player.  In short be aware of them and go and try them.