Football's not coming home.... June 30 2016

England being beaten by Iceland is an amazing headline and I was asked the other day what the golfing equivalent would be.  Now that got me really thinking:-

Its hard to imagine an event where a player would come head to head with one of the games super powers one on one.  Usually the fields are big but extremely talented right down to the lowest ranked player.  Yes you get amateurs playing but they are often top top players about to embark upon a career in the big game.  DeChambeau beating Speith or Day will happen and Rahm has just demonstrated how good these new players can be.  

So I would vote for a player coming through from the pro ranks - a teaching pro - like Mark Hooper at the 2014 BMW Championship at Wentworth.  Read his story here.

But sadly he didn't go on to win Shane Lowry did.  

Which leads us to the amazing story of Billy Mayfair playing a final round in 1998 against Tiger Woods.  Woods hit the ball so much further and so much better than Billy nobody gave him a hope.  Especially when they found out that the play off hole was to be a long par five.  But the underdog had his day.  Read about this round here.

That's as close as I can get and brings me to the most important part.  Well done Iceland.  You have my support for the rest of this tournament.  What you have done is amazing and long may that continue.  

Sport produces these stories week in week out.  That's why we love it....