A new hobby - so expensive? February 11 2016

Everyone tells you golf is an expensive hobby.  They point out that a driver can cost £370 on its own.  Memberships often top £1,000 a year and even the balls are £4.00 each.  Ouch......  How can anyone justify this expense?  Maybe this is why some clubs are struggling to get new members and people take to supposedly less expensive pastimes.

I cannot stand this rubbish anymore.  I honestly cannot see that anyone could claim cycling is a cheaper hobby than golf or that they cannot afford a £25 green fee.

First, without any reservation, if you can afford the ludicrous money we all pay for Sky TV then you can afford to be a member at a good golf club.  Most offer memberships from around £70 per month and there some amazing deals to be had at this time of year.  Anyone that has sky tv and a gym membership can probably save money and lose more weight.  Golf was recently found to be the best for of exercise for weight loss.  

Secondly who really buys £370 drivers?  I mean seriously?  I know of three or four people who do this every year and that's their choice but they are hardly "all golfers".  The vast majority await the deals or buy smart.  For example the TaylorMade R1 driver has just hit a price point of around £45 for a tidy used example.  Yep thats the same head that Justin Rose used to win with a Merrion.  Its hardly old technology when you realise that is it? 

Meanwhile a set of Callaway X Forged 2013 blades will set you back £250.00.  Thats a set of irons that when new would have cost £899.99.  These are clubs that will last a lifetime.  Well made and nice to look at.  Oh and just if you are wondering Phil Mickelson only stopped using these in 2015.  

Now I would class these as mid range options.  You would pay around £100 for a set of TaylorMade Burner 2.0s.  These irons are solid and are great for those taking to the game.  Yep they were £350 when new.  By the way these are also so much better than the starter sets people buy and then have to throw away a year later.

As for brand new ProV1s every game - what the hell are you thinking of?  That ball probably doesn't suit you anyway.  NXT Tour will more than suffice - will last twice as many rounds - and is half the cost.

So there you have it. Golf can be an expensive hobby.  Its like anything you can make a choice.  You don't have to have the brightest headcover in the carpark and its really your choice to spend £200 on those personalised shoes.  Golf pretty much invented the phrase 'all the gear no idea'