Group tuition - does it work? February 01 2016

The other day I was asked by a friend for my opinions on group lessons.  You know those sessions where 8 people are all on the range and the pro works along the line - giving help to each player in turn.  At my club these sessions are very popular for ladies and junior groups.

It may surprise you to hear but I think they are great.  They are simply an excellent way of getting very cost effective coaching and also a great way to work with others.  I like them because:-

1.  They are often more fun that individual coaching as you are there with a like minded group and can often take the lesson out on the course;

2.  They give you a great way of seeing how you measure up against both better and worse players;

3.  They often give the pro respite from having to repeat the same message over and over.  You see quite often the message and the change can be explained quickly but the student needs time to build the change into their game.  While you are getting used to the grip change the pro's efforts move to the next player.

4.  The coach also gets to see players over a long period of time - usually several weeks so gets a much fuller perspective on their game.  They can see results over that time and adjust their teaching accordingly.

These sessions don't suit everyone and you can certainly make sure you get the best from them.  For example each student still needs to concentrate and practice.  Their attention is still the biggest factor toward improvement and those that just come to chat with their mates often don't quite keep up with the better students.

In short these are the ultimate win-win.  They open tuition up to students that may otherwise find lessons cost prohibitive and they also help fill the clubs pros diary.  Don't turn your back on these sessions - embrace them and see if they provide the step change you are after.