Boggy ground? How should I adapt? January 26 2016

This time of year brings some awful underfoot conditions doesn't it?  Last week whilst braving nine holes I found my self slip sliding around and was reminded of a valuable lesson I once received from senior golfer back when I was just a boy.  Obviously I didn't listen then as junior golfers are not always great at listening but his advice seems good today.

1.  Grip down the club.  When we stand in wet muddy lies we are naturally a little bit lower down than on that sun baked fairway so allow for the inevitable drop through impact.  If you find you fat shots out of bad lies than this tip alone makes it so much easier.

2.  Never go past parallel.  The minute we try to put a full swing on a shot when we have less than perfect grip we are just asking for trouble.  Club up and swing easy.  This is basically the same tip as you hear about playing in the wind.  Essentially its useful whenever you may struggle to keep your balance

3.  Chip with way less loft.  if you miss a green then unless you have the perfect fringe lie don't try to be cute with a wedge.  You run the risk of looking like Hunter in his match against McDowell at Celtic.  Don't even give yourself the chance of fatting a chip.  Loft down to a 9 iron and get it rolling as soon as you can.

4.  Don't sweat the score.  This time of year is about enjoyment and preparing for the season.  If you chase perfection now you will be sorely disappointed and may just struggle to get going come March.  Don't do that to yourself.  Instead try out a few new clubs and learn a new shot or two.  

The season will be here before we know it and the old boy I played with all those years ago knew it.