Winter golf - time for some extra carry off the tee!! January 19 2016

How many of you are fed up with playing on soggy winter courses, and then turning on your TV and seeing the pros smashing it out to 300+ yards of carry?

Well how about we give you some tips to gaining a few extra yards. Now the easiest gain is to go and see your local PGA professional for an hour and have a tune up. Now from experience that doesn't always happen as we tend to know our games best. So here are a few key steps to hitting the ball further.

1. Check your driver head. If your driver is more than 3 years old then change it. Technology has moved on so treat yourself to something more current. For example if you have an TaylorMade R1 Driver rough trade in will be £50 so upgrade to an R15 for under £100.

2. Check the shaft still suits your current swing speed. I know you used to need stiff but that was 15 years ago before the arthritis kicked in. Speak to your PGA pro who will advise you.

3. What golf ball do you use? Make sure it is suited to your swing speed. If you are not compressing the ball you are losing distance. Have a look at Bridgestone's website for some ball fit info.

4. Technique - my biggest bit of advice is to get an image in your head of a discus player. So all of you can see someone throwing a discus with a nice wide arc that's rounded. Imagine trying to slice a discus?! It would go nowhere hence why slices tend to go nowhere. Now apply the discus method to golf. Tee the ball high, create a nice rounded arc and most importantly try and hit the ball on the up.

5. Book a flight to Arizona where it's 30 degrees with nice light air. This is a guaranteed method for increasing your distance in comparison to the UK conditions!!!

As always if you have any questions about our stock please get in touch. We know this time of year people are changing equipment so please let us quote for your trade ins.