What did Christmas bring - we just got Wind December 27 2015

Here at Club Seller Christmas is a hectic but good time of year.  When we aren't packing and shipping items we get to play golf.  But this year was different.  All these storms brought damp conditions and high winds.  So how do you handle that?

Two key parts of your game get tested.  Controlling ball flight and managing the course.  The first thing needs practice but so many players seem to find hitting the low ball impossible.  Generally this is because they do absolutely nothing different in their set up.  Just like shaping the ball 90% of your work is done in the way you set up for the shot.  Club up, knock the ball back 8 inches and leave the weight 80% on your front foot and you simply can't avoid hitting the ball low.  Every player should have this shot and every player should practice it.  Without it blustery winds will rip you apart.

The other fault I see is even simpler to explain.  Why oh why do golfers treat wind as if it will always make a clubs' difference.  Into a 40mph wind you are not going to hit your seven iron 150 yards if it normally goes 155.  Even worse down wind don't think your pitching wedge will only fly 5 yards more.  My playing partner this weekend hit a 205 yard pitching wedge into the heart of a par 3.  Nice golf but born of years of experience.  Allow more than you think both ways for wind - you won't regret it.  Plot your way round and avoid flying over any hazard unless totally unavoidable.  

The way I see it windy golf is hard but better than no golf.  I also think it makes the spring seem so much easier when it does eventually appear.