What do golfers really want for Christmas? December 08 2015

It's that time of year when we get contacted by friends and relatives about what to buy for their loved ones. Many of us will wake on Christmas morning to gifts for the golf course but how many of us will be totally delighted by them?

Having been a golfer for 30 years I can confirm the following are not always that exciting to receive:-

1. A tool for monogramming your golf ball.  Hmmm seriously I barely keep mine four holes I am not about to go putting my initials on it.

2. A dozen Topflite distance balls.  These are not golf balls.  They look like balls but they are in fact the hardest substance known to mankind.  No one can play good golf with these rocks.  There is a reason a dozen costs £6.

3. Novelty golf tees - usually a naked lady.  Whilst these are not frowned upon they are not always that welcome at golf clubs.  They mark you out as a little bit sexist and besides they are also perversely ugly.

4.  A shot counter of any description.  If you really need a little clicker to keep track of your score you are probably not loving the game as much as you could.  Most times we are scoring less than 6 shots and we should be okay with doing that in our heads

The gifts that are always welcome are:-

Hip flasks - preferably with a little bottle of something to fill it.  Bobble hats - by golf punk or similar.  Winter gloves - under armour are good.  Pro V1s.  Vouchers for rounds later in the year. Socks with proper heat retaining technology and finally if you are going to spoil me buy me some time with the PGA pro......  

A 9 hole playing lesson is always good.