That guy - with the thirty year old irons..... November 10 2015

The other day I had a funny chat with a very good friend of mine about golf equipment.    Long and short of it was that he thinks all this new technology is just marketing hype and that we all waste our money on equipment and should be more like him and play a set of clubs from a charity shop.  We discussed his MacGregor driver from 2002 and and his number 10 iron from 1974.  He came out with a few pearls of wisdom such as regular shafts and stiff shafts are all the same they just have different stickers.  

I love this guy to bits and I can honestly say it makes no difference to me if he buys any clubs from this site so long as he enjoys his golf.  That he does and he seems completely unconcerned that he rarely breaks ninety and hits his seven iron 120 yards.  Obviously I do think he is wrong and could get so much more help from the correct gear.  But there is no helping some people.  The thing is we all know at least one player like this.  If you are like me you smile and wish them all the best.

But and here is where I do get cross - this guy takes it upon himself to ridicule anyone that has a new club.  He takes it upon himself to force his uneducated views onto anyone who will listen.  He scoffs at anyone who talks about shaft flexes and calls them idiots or marketers dreams.  To him TaylorMade and Callaway are just conning people.  What a prat - can you imagine if he took the same approach to his car buying!  He would not have anti lock brakes, traction control, airbags, crumple zones nor would he be able to open the doors with the click of a button.  Why people cannot see that the engineers in golf are clever, hard working and talented people that move us forward with every iteration is beyond me.

If you are playing a driver older than 4 years old technology is leaving you behind.  I champion buying R15 instead of M1 because of the value but I don't ever suggest a player should buy an R5.  

Still this guy has his uses as I gave him around 5 clubs too old for us to sell and that saved me a trip to the tip.  Weird he seemed happy enough to accept them which is odd given they are just hype filled marketing tools.......