Life with the M1 October 28 2015

Many people are asking us what the difference is between the M1 and last years R15.  I guess that because they are trying to decide if the £399 sticker price is worth the cost over a R15 which can now be had for £189.00.  Its not an easy one to answer as the M1 is a different club altogether. Its not an improvement on an older design but a different make up entirely.

M1 is fast off the face and is very easy to launch with no spin.  As we all know now that the holly grail of long straight drives.  Swing at 109mph - launch the ball at 14 degrees and you will reach 300 yards more often than not.  Many many good players can do that now and could do that before M1 came out.  The perfect speed and launch produces around 10 yards total extra over the R15. I don't see many TaylorMade players begging to keep their R15.  Many non paid players are still rocking SLDR and trust us thats not because they don't want to spend money.  Its because SLDR started it all and R15 is so very similar. Hear this loud and clear if you can play consistently well enough M1 is the better club but what did you expect?

R15 however seems to be better for the less consistent driver of the ball.  It is much more stable and much more forgiving. The two sliding weights are nice to enlarge the sweet spot.  I prefer the noise it makes.  

Also when we slow the swing speeds down to say 95-100mph both clubs produce nearly identical distances.  The reason for this is simple.  At this speed you need spin to keep the ball airborne for longer and the M1 needs adjusting (middle weight track) to keep the ball carrying far enough.

In short what you lose in distance you gain in stability and in your wallet and if you don't swing fast enough the club are almost identical.

My advice would be go try both and see which you prefer and then decide what to spend your savings on