What can we learn from Jordan Speith? September 29 2015

For me the biggest part of modern golf is the fact that these guys are playing aggressively but behaving absolutely impeccably.  There is not a murmur of dissent not a hint of bitterness and not even a whiff of disrespect.  These guys are a credit to a sport which at times can be so cruel and so painful.  Let's us wind the clock back a few weeks to when Jordan couldn't break 70 and he acted a tiny tiny bit petulant.  Really that was the worst we have seen from this guy and that's a great thing to say.  

I see more acts of petulance and rudeness in our monthly medals.  And therin is what can all learn from Speith.  Behaving well doesn't mean you don't care - its doesn't mean you are less of a competitor - and it doesn't make you weak.  Club throwing, swearing and storming off after nine are what makes you look a fool.  

Well done Jordan - but also well done Stenson.  I suspect it's a bit easier to act classy when you have won $11m than to be the model of sportsmanship when you have played your last 36 holes in 4 over par.