Best scoring month? September 17 2015

I reckon September could bring the best scoring conditions for most UK golfers.  Obviously the day needs to be still and clear but when that happens our courses are often at their very best.


Well first off we have damp/lush fairways.  If you hit them anywhere the ball usually stays on them and even though each hole is a little longer the percentage of times you give yourself a good lie and easy stance more than make up for it.

Secondly the greens are generally holding shots into them.  So your five iron is now going to hold as apposed to going over the back.  Just as we see when courses soften up on the PGA tour you will hit more greens.  

Hitting more greens makes for more pars - its a simple as that.

So what are you waiting for?  Get out there and get the handicap cut while you can.  I don't see December as likely to be this good do you?