Club head speed with driver July 31 2015

Every other day we get contacted by people looking to check the shaft they are ordering suits their swing speed.  The thing is the information they supply us is often totally inaccurate.  The number of golfers with swing speeds in excess of 100mph is unbelievably high.  What I mean by that is we don't believe it!!!  

A great way of looking at swing speed is to be honest about how far the ball travels through the air with the driver.  250 yards + is 100mph.  And here is the thing - thats a long way.  If your ball finishes around 250-260 like the majority of golfers it went 230 through the air.  Those of you that have hit none wind assisted drives around the 300 yard mark on a level hole are at the 100mph level or more.  

The technology in drivers is brilliant but you have to have the right shaft for your swing and buying a stiff shaft because of one drive that once went 300 is not sensible.  Regular shafts do not equal weak golfer.  They are suitable for 75% of the players we see.  

Many of you will read this and think - hmmmm must swing harder.  That's also a monumental error.  Efficiency is the key - hitting the middle of the club always produces the best outcome.  We have one player (and by player we mean tour professional) who swings at around 104mph.  That's pedestrian for a top player and slower apparently that most of our clientele and you would think that makes him short off the tee.  Nope wrong again.  He hits the sweet spot on his driver (imagine a 5p piece) most of the time and sends it out to 310 regularly.  

So whats my point?

Buy a shaft that suits your real swing speed not your dream swing speed.  Then focus on swinging within yourself and hitting the ball on the up with the middle of the club face.  Thats what the designers of drivers have in mind when they build them.  

Now if thats not enough for you and you want that 100mph plus swing speed thats going to take real work......