SLDR v R15 July 27 2015

Okay so R15 has been in play for around 6 months.  Its a great driver and the reviews from many sources tell us just that.  Very adjustable and those that have spent their £329 on one seem to be so very keen to tell us how great it is.  I play one and I have to say it is a nice club.  

But to me the very important question is - is it better than SLDR?  

Before you read on please take a look at this from mygolfspy

I trust this report as its what we see from our own GC2 data.  Its also pretty consistent with how we feel about the clubs ourselves.  

So R15 is better - quick go buy one?

Not exactly no.  The R15 is 1.7% longer (4 yards) and looks nicer.  It also has a better head cover.  But it is 103% more expensive at £329 v £162.  Yep seriously its twice the price.  

Step to Jetspeed v Aeroburner and the maths is even more startling.  We stock regular used Jetspeeds from £70 - thats around 40% of the cost.  

Don't get me wrong I don't advocate buying an R7 as driver technology has moved along since those days.  Mind don't tell Brandt Sneaker who is still using a 2009 Burner.  Similarly Lee Westwood must have a stock cupboard of Ping G15s.  But I do advocate buying last years driver and last years equipment in general.  

What you do with the money you save is up to you.  Personally mine goes on holidays to great golf destinations.........