What can we learn from Zach? July 21 2015

It has to be said that Zach Johnson is not everyone's cup of tea.  Very dull and very religious were phrases I heard in our clubhouse during his 66.  Not quite sure how shooting 66 is dull but there you go.  Deeply religious people tend to polarise opinion and those who proclaim their faith to the world are rarely loved.  

What was clear though was that the other players do seem to like him.  If the future world number one can be bothered to wait around to congratulate him I have to suggest he is indeed well liked.  

From a golfing perspective what is clear is that he doesn't hit the ball massive distances.  Its always controlled with Zach and its also always wedged very close.  The birdie on the 1st extra hole showed that.  You see the reason he was happy to take that pin on is because he is just so certain of the distances he hits each wedge.  Trust me if the other Johnson had his wedge game then we wouldn't still be waiting for his first major victory.

Short game is everything and in short game wedges are everything.  Work on the wedges twice as much as any other club.  Learn those yardages and you too will be shooting net 66s and being called boring in the clubhouse