What can we learn from Rory? May 18 2015

Yesterday saw yet another tournament in which Rory just simply blew the field away.  All those guys had to play for second place and not one of them denied it.  Awesome golf from the world number one and frankly you had to be a pretty hardcore golf fan to keep watching last evening.  You had to enjoy zero drama and just brilliant power golf.  

Up and down this green and pleasant land amateur golfers tell someone that distance doesn't matter but accuracy does.  You know the guy - usually mid handicapper who is telling his 16 year old son to calm down and to stop hitting it so hard.  Horrible to say but that guy is so wrong.....  If you have a kid who wants to play the game get them lessons and get them hitting the ball HARD.  Rory has shown us two things:-

1.  Distance counts for a lot.  Just like Tiger did and Jack and Arnie before them.  If you get to play a wedge into the hole and the rest of the field are hitting 7 irons you are going to make more birdies;

2.  That it is possible for a 5 foot 9 man to swing at 115mph and hit the middle of the club head consistently.  It takes hard work, practice and proper equipment. 

So stop making excuses and learn to swing hard - go see a pro and learn the correct process and then go give it a go.  

I get told that low handicap players hit the ball further because they are better golfers but what if they have lower handicaps because they hit the ball further?  

The next time you tee it up next to the club champion have a look at his putting and remember where he left the ball.  Later recreate it and take the putts - I bet you will be much closer to him than you think!!!