men and ladies........ Adam and Eve April 29 2015

A fair bit in the news now that Peter has said a few words about mixed groups and how most men don't want to play with ladies.  Have to say its a storm in a tea cup.  We just need more golfers and the priority is for clubs to make their games fun.  My opinion - too many medals and stablefords are boring new golfers to death.  You may be used to the format and love it but new entrants to the game can find  club competitions difficult to enter and barely worth the effort at the end of it.  Clubs need more roll ups, more matchplay events, more nine hole qualifiers and many more scrambles.  People enjoy golf when it isn't a slog and trust me the average Medal is just that.  Back tees and some idiot going on like a tour player over every shot is enough to make most people want to cry.  And anyone that takes more than 4 hours should be immediately disqualified and banned from the next event.

But that's not the subject of this blog.  This piece is about should all ladies automatically by ladies clubs?  Absolutely not........   Just like all men are not regular shafted standard clubs then many ladies can benefit from a proper club fit.  It is essential that the club is light enough to be swung under complete control but shaft weight is only part of that equation.  Grip size and cub head are just as important.  Many of the ladies I play with a far stronger than the shafts in ladies clubs and use shortened mens regular shafts.  

Simple truth speak to us and we can advise.  A quick video will help us get you the right equipment for your game......