How to plan your practice...... March 19 2015

Spring is definitely springing out there.  Up and down the land greens are being hollowed and top dressed and grasses are starting to grow again.  It's exciting as many courses are at their very best in May.  Summer brings different challenges for Greenskeepers - long growing days are countered by too much traffic.  But if you want to play your best in May now is when the hard work has to happen.  Most good golfers know this and are appearing on our range or trying out new clubs.   

Too many golfers have no plan for their practice at all.  They just arrive hit a bucket of balls and then leave.  The first 10 of their shots are vague swishes followed by a stretch of decent shots and then they reach for the driver.  The often mutter something about leaving the range on a "good one" and then off they go.  Only about 2 out of 10 ever make it over to the putting green and our practice bunker may as well be for kids to build castles in.  

That's the wrong wrong way to go.  Think about the make up of shots on in your usual game.  I bet you 66% of them are from within 75 yards.  Now to my mind that means 66% of your practice needs to be on these shots.  You are going to hit 14 long tees shots at most and unless you are a really really good putter 31-33 putts.  

Buy this - Sklz putting mirror - and use it.  Train yourself to expect to face 3 foot return putts and really work on following the same process.  Being good from 3 foot is the best building block in golf and it is about building the right fundamentals into your game.  This mirror shows up your alignment like nothing else.  Few tour players don't use one.

So remember 1/3 range 2/3 short stuff..............