the Masters - oh the anticipation March 12 2015

I think the first day of the Masters if definitely a signal that it's golf season.  Certainly the course really fills up from that point onwards.  The previews have started on sky and we have less than 30 days now.  This never gets old for me.  I am like a kid waiting for christmas.

Interestingly our store fills up as people trade in more and more of last years gear.  We already have plenty to choose from and our range is only going to get bigger.

So far we have broken the price barrier for the SLDR by being the only place in the UK where £129 buys you a brand new SLDR S.  Our used SLDR's start at £125 for the fully adjustable club and we have a few TP models that really are smart.  

Don't be put off because these clubs are a year old.  They are performance bargains for less than half their original cost.  Imagine if that happened with cars.  Would anyone ever buy a new one?

Remember you have 14 days to return a club you don't get on with and we are here to help if you need advice.

When you see that the Taylormade Jetspeed Driver for last year can be had for a little as £62.50 its seems everyone can afford to give their game a bit more distance.