Practice priorities - know your distances February 28 2015

As I sit here insulated behind double glazing I can confirm it is clearly starting to get warmer.  Players are telling me its still a bit muddy but not frozen.  Thats a huge step forward for those in weekend comps.  Starting when the greens are not holding a ball is very frustrating.

We are about to get to the stage where all shots stop pretty much where they land.  We are told that these conditions make golf a lot easier.  Well thats true if you are in the top 10% of the European Tour.  For the rest of us it brings the usual problem of how far does this club actually go through the air.  We work with players all the time that can hit a seven iron to a 150 flag but what they don't allow for is at this time of year you have to club up.  That club is 140 yards or less in the air - so wet greens mean coming up very short time and time again.

If you don't know your distances - through the air not total - you are going to find this time of year very frustrating.  So our advice get to the range and get your numbers sorted.  Better yet go on a GC2 or trackman ball flight monitor as they will tell you easily.  Then when you play allow one more club and swing easy.  Golf is about writing down the lowest total score not about how far you can smash a 7 iron.