Trade in's - emotive subject February 21 2015

Did you know we offer to take your old club in part ex?  

Using this site is a dream for the well adjusted golfer looking for the least hassle route to owning exceptionally good equipment.  By using the form on the page here you can send us the details of any clubs you would like us to offer you money for.  

Then all you do is package it up and send to us.  We check the club and either pay you the agreed amount or contact you to get the balance for the equipment you have selected.  It really is that simple.

That said please bear in mind this is our business and we are not here to pay you what you would get if you sold it yourself.  We need to make a margin to cover the costs of selling online - oh and yes we like to make a profit.  If you can get more online then please go and do it.  We have no problem with that at all.

Also our quote will always be higher if you are buying stuff from us.  To me thats kind of obvious too.  

What we do like - no love - is when our client sends us pictures of the club.  It helps us see the condition of the club and the head cover.  These items are going to be washed and listed on our site so want to get the best quality stock we can.

Its also nice if you tell us if you have had any adjustments made on the clubs.  Upright and longer by an inch is very very different for us.  

To us golf club valuations are not guess work - we use data sourced from the last three months of eBay sales.  We can usually tell our final selling price to within £3.  We are not guessing and with nearly 900 used clubs in stock we are not that emotive about clubs.

So without wanting to sound like Del Boy - what have you got?