Is the R15 the best driver in golf? January 05 2015

So TaylorMade have launched the R15 and AeroBurner to replace the SLDR and the Jetspeed.  Priced at £300 and £225 respectively.  Seems like only six months ago those were the new drivers.......  

Well that's because it was.  Here at Clubseller HQ we are a little bit tired of all the new driver releases promising massive distance gains.  It seems to us that the SLDR took the game on.  Pretty much the perfect low spin driver. The counter weight in the base allowed for the usual bit of fiddling to eliminate slice and hook.  This driver really was a huge step forward.  Played by plenty of tour pros who weren't being paid a penny by TaylorMade...  That to us said it all.

Meanwhile the Jetspeed was just simply FAST.  Similar to Callaway XHot the Jetspeed is often the better club for the mid to low handicapper as its didn't really do anything too complex.  It just sent the ball into orbit with crazy silly smash factors.  The face is so very hot.  It really is the RBZ stage two on steroids.

Here is the thing - we have both on this site for less than half their original price.  Used but still good for plenty of rounds.  You have to be sure that R15 is going to give you what you want when you realise you are spending twice as much as you will on an SLDR.  

You pay your money and take your choice but our advice remains buy used and put the rest of your budget toward sessions with your PGA pro.  One client of ours likes to call them "free lessons" because just 30 days ago the SLDR was touted as the latest and greatest by the golf industry and did sell for £300.