Winter golf - a tip from Darren Lovegrove PGA Pro at Dummer Golf Club November 27 2014

When the winter sets in do two things to improve your golf experience and your scores:-

First reset your driving expectations.  Wet soft ground makes a big difference to how far your driver will travel.  Look at your driving lines and make sure you are not taking on tee shots that are impossible without the summer roll. Position yourself a little bit further back on the fairway and with preferred lies you can avoid the dreaded 'mud ball'. If you are in the rough it is much harder to control the ball yet alone with mud on it.

Second - less loft more roll.  On chips get the ball rolling out more - the greens will be softer so you don't need to try to get the ball to spin so much.  Just set the ball back it the stance and chip and run it up to the hole

Accept that the conditions dictate the shots you can play and take the risk out of the game more than normal.