New irons - somehow hot sexy enough November 05 2014

The golf industry tracks you the consumer very very closely.  Primarily so that they can sell you more stuff admittedly but all of us can learn from what they find.

One stat that just blows my mind is that the average golfer changes his irons once every 6 years.  In the same time he will have 3 different drivers.  

Lets think about this a second.  To our assessment you use one of your irons on every one of the 18 holes you play.  They are designed to help you hit the ball onto the green as close as possible to the pin.  Recent stats show this is where we make our score.  Even a 20 handicapper will beat Tiger Woods if his ball is 4ft from the pin while Tiger's is 12ft on every hole.  So I reckon your irons are pretty important.  

Look at your irons - if they are old, muddy and the grips are worn - think about making a change. They will transform your enjoyment of the game more than any driver can.