Should I use a trolley? December 16 2014

Many golfers see using a trolley as a cop out and a sign that middle age is upon them!  Its all about carrying the bag to retain that sense of being a junior golfer.  These people could not be more wrong.......

A decent 3 wheel trolley will help you in two major ways:-

1. It will speed you up between shots.  Research shows the average player saves 22 minutes per round with a push trolley.  Thats simply more time to concentrate on your game;

2. Improved decision making.  Tired players make bad choices - simple.  The last three holes are significant in any golfers round.  We all need to stay sharp to work out how to play the hole.  Much more difficult to do if you are lugging 7 kgs over your shoulder

Hear this loud and clear a decent trolley saves shots and makes for better golf.


But thats not all - get back at 2pm from a trolley round and you are so much less likely to want to have that mid afternoon knap.  You may even fancy squeezing in another 9........