How does good golf tuition work? January 17 2015

It is surprising how many times we get approached about golf tuition by people who are adamant that it won't help them play better!  They are certain that the average PGA Pro cannot or will not help them.  Or there is the guy that came for a session and said we could change anything we wanted except for his stance, his grip and his swing path!  

To us these kinds of things help us realise that the core to good golf tuition is to understand the client.  What does he really want to achieve with his golf?  What is his attitude toward practice and what will motivate him to change his performance level?  Does he have goals in mind and is he honest with himself?

This later point immediately raise they fact that so many pupils are not honest with their coach.  They wax on about playing well, rarely missing a fairway and being unlucky not to break par.  Its like going to the garage with your car backfiring and swearing it wasn't doing that on the journey over.  It wastes so much time and it also makes it harder for the coach to see what has being going wrong.  

And that there is the core of good golf tuition - only work with a Pro who you are prepared to be totally honest with.  If you are not able to do that go elsewhere or don't go at all.  You must tell it all - even your innermost golf thoughts and trust that with the correct information your PGA pro will help you.  Golf is a journey and a good pro is a fantastic tour guide who not only helps you avoid the pitfalls but also points out the sights along the way.  

I always think it is worth remembering that 100% of PGA pro's become pros after receiving a minimum of 3 years of instruction.  In other words - its a proven route to improvement and where will your golf game be in 3 years time?