Why buy a super stroke putter grip? October 28 2014

Many golfers ask us what is the point of these big fat grips on putters?  

Is it just a fad or a marketing ploy and are the likes of Billy Horschel using them because they get paid so much money by the company that makes them?  They say things like "Rory doesn't use one so I will stick with the one that came with the putter".  

Obviously comparing oneself to the world number one is a little bit strange - but in truth we all do it. So why should you consider one?

These grips do one great thing for the average player - they reduce the amount of wrist movement in the stroke.  They strongly encourage you to lock and rock the shoulders which if you ever got bought a Leadbetter DVD set for Xmas in the 80s you will know is the secret to success on the greens.  Rolling your rock without jabbing and jerking the wrists is a great deal easier than try to guess the pace with a little flick.

How does it do this?

Simple - because your hand is unable to close into a tight grip your wrist stays tension free and putting nivarna ensues. Smooth back smooth through becomes so much easier.  

The only downside is that you no longer look like Rory from the clubhouse - but thats okay just buy more Nike clothing!