The importance of putting.... May 31 2016

Yet again events from the tour remind us that for all the massive drives and huge towering long iron shots its the shots with the flatstick that matter the most.  Yes I am talking about Jordan Speith's back nine - 9 putts.  Some for par (2), some for bogey (1) and plenty for birdie saw the young Texan hole an incredible number of putts.  Admittedly his chip in on 17 improves his stats to this sensational level.

Many of the players I talk to know more about their swing speed and driver distance than they do about their putting stats and this shows me they are totally buying into the manufacturers hype.  Just the other day I had a 40 minute call about switching from an M1 to an M2 driver.  Different clubs and worthy of some thought but the same player has used the same old putter since 1997.

That same player seems to take no pleasure from putting.  To him it is a chore and although a good single figure golfer he seems to accept that when he is outside of 6 feet a two putt is his best outcome.  I personally cannot fathom why someone would choose a hobby such as golf if the most important 40% of the game bores him.  

Great players love to play and they all love to putt.  Tiger Woods was the best putter I have ever seen.  Jordan would have to putt this well for another 9 years before he can hold a light to the great man.  Our current world number one Jason Day rolls it about as good as anyone.  It surprises a lot of people when the realise he is ranked 1st for putting on the tour.  

So if its important for them why would it not be important to you?