Inconsistent? May 16 2016

Rarely does a week go by where we don't have a golfer come to see us seeking a new driver because his golf is "so inconsistent".  Sometimes we can see a fault in his/her game and help him but most times we spend our effort "realigning his expectations".

I bet you are think "what's thats supposed to mean?"  

Well here goes.  And trust me we get lots of people trying to disagree with this assessment.    ALL GOLFERS ARE INCONSISTENT.  In fact inconsistency is the only seeming constant thing in the game - at all levels.  Its a feature of the game and can be best illustrated by looking at the recently concluded Players Championship.  

Lets take the scores of the player that finished tied 9th Daniel Berger.  He went 66-72-73-69.  So very consistent in most amateur golfers eyes.  But lets look at those numbers again and roll the same percentage variance into the average 16 handicappers game.  In round 2 Daniel was 9% worse than round 1.  He was 10% worse in round 3 and 4.5% worse in round 4.  Lets remove the 3 round because of the ridiculous course set up and concentrate on rounds 1 to 2.  Berger took home a cheque for $304,000.

If we roll those changes to the 16 handicapper he shoots 88 round 1 and then 96 in round 2.  In short as an your average golfer you had a cut round followed by the dreaded up 0.1.  Can you see that these scores are actually within the same variance as a top ten player in arguably the strongest field in golf?  But enough to send many players I know into a tailspin of despair.  

And here is the real issue - what right do you have to think that you will be a Daniel Berger in terms of consistency.  

Spare a though for Nick Taylor he went 67 - 79 to miss the cut.  Thats a massive 18% variance which would have the average player shoot 98 second round and probably contacting us to sell all his golf gear.