Junior golf equipment - what a mess? April 18 2016

Every couple of weeks we get contacted by someone trying to get golf equipment for their son or daughter.  The email usually reads as follows:-

"...I would like to know at what age you recommend he/she starts using full size clubs?"

As a parent of a 12 year old left handed golfer I feel for these parents I really do. but here is the thing.

Your golf equipment does not care about your age.  The golf ball doesn't wait until someone reaches 14 to start behaving.  Look at your kids school year and look at the disparity in sizes.  I have seen five foot 8 year olds and 16 year old four footers.  

There is a great line in the Wishon fitting bible.  It says there is no such thing as a junior golfer, senior golfer or lady golfer.  They are all just golfers and we fit them using exactly the same process and using exactly the same information.  That information relates purely to the speed they swing the club and the correct length that club needs to be to get a consistent repeatable motion.  We then adjust it to ensure the lie is correct and try as hard as possible to ensure that the club is never (I cannot stress this enough) too heavy. 

Now the only way for you the general public to get this information is to work with a professional.  Most clubs have them and they do the most amazing unheralded work helping juniors navigate the game.  They don't work for free and do get a bit annoyed if you ask them a million questions to then go and buy elsewhere but in my experience they are dead keen to help.  They love to teach youngsters (so much easier than middle aged men who expect to get better from youtube videos and no practice) and they will transform your offsprings golf in short time.

Oh but the expense.  Seriously say no to the new driver from american golf for birthdays and get the money spent with the pro.  A 4 year old driver that fits will always be better than the brand new one that looks nice but was made for a different type of player.