Fitness and muscle bulk in golf April 04 2016

I was contacted the other day about an article written by a prominent golf journalist stating that golfers going to the gym is a modern fad and is probably not making any beneficial difference to their golf.  The person who contacted me wanted my opinion because he has been trying to speed up his swing - to gain distance - and had been told by his coach that a maybe a few nights off the booze and maybe the odd session in the gym might help him.  I think he wanted me to agree with the article so he could justify continuing to over indulge.  But the thing is I really can't agree with it.

The main thrust of the piece is that Tiger has destroyed his body and ruined his career because he got too big.  It is also bordering on saying that Rory could well be heading the same way.  One part of the piece argues that their proof is that an aged Tom Watson nearly won the open whilst out of shape.

My view is simple.  This is utter tosh.  Tiger Woods built his career on his strength and strength training.  And if it is over what a career it was - hardly ruined.  Then Rory and Tiger could not be more different individuals.  I don't think Rory's Dad was special forces trained and as far as I am aware Rory has never expressed a furtive desire to move closer to Hereford and give up golf to concentrate on being a sniper.  

As for Tom - we would have all loved it if he had closed out the 2009 Open - but he didn't because in my opinion he was just exhausted.  How is that not an indication that fitness is not important?  He had an 8 iron to back pin and sent the ball long - as big a mental mistake as Adam Scott hitting 3 wood into a bunker on 18 at Lytham was.  Great tournaments are long and tiring.  Modern golfers are athletes and those that deny this are fooling themselves.  

Still my friend will stock his fridge with snacks for the Masters and wonder why he feels like a nap on a Saturday after his 18.