Matchplay - wouldn't we all like to see more of it March 30 2016

This weekends WGC Matchplay was awesome.  So much of it was just brilliant to watch and all golfers can learn so much about the different formats of the game from it.

First and most of all Matchplay over 18 holes is aggressive and a sprint.  Pars (or for us mere mortals net pars) will not get it done.  Just like the best in the world you have to risk a few blow ups to grab a lead.  Notice that no matter what Rich Beem said they should do Day and McIlroy used their big gun to fire the ball as close to the green as possible.  time after time they were able to go into 400+ par fours with lob wedges. Simply put they are always going to stick those closer than a 6 iron and they know that.

Secondly the minute they saw their opponent slip up and look like making bogies they just revert to fairways and greens.  I don't care what the commentators say they play the opponent and not just the course.  You should do the same.  As I tell golfers over and over watch where your opponent is at all times.  Know how many blows he has had and then you can plan.  Golfers that have no idea what is going on drive me insane.  Ignore him during the stableford but not in a match.

Finally golf is about shots from under 100 yards.  Fantastic if you can drive it there in one but even if you can't these shots make the most difference to anyone's score.  How many unbelievable halves did Jason Day get because of his chipping?  I would venture a view that this above everything else made the difference.  The world is full of golfers that can hit the ball 300+ off the tee but the world number one is usually the player with the hottest putter and sharpest short game on tour.  

Mind two small gripes.  Please stop putting stands behind a par four green that's drive-able.  Made a total mockery of that hole.  Player after player smashing it into a white hoarding is not entertainment.  And since you ask make Speith and Day play a little bit quicker.  I know that the argument is that with the matchplay format we see a lot more of the slow bits but I honestly felt sorry for Louis.  As for Kevin Na - just ban him!